Every melody from Corinne Bailey Rae’s The Sea, is soulful, serene and sultry. This British artist has yet again released an album pulling millions of fans into her ensemble of blues harmonies and jazzy melodies.

Corinne Bailey Rae released The Sea in 2010. This album talks specifically about the death of Rae’s husband. Rae encapsulates the devastating emotional loss that she experienced, allowing her listeners to understand almost exactly what she was going through. If this album was converted into a film, there is no doubt that it would be a female favourite with many a tear-jerking romance scenes.

Although not all women have been through something as life-altering as the loss of a husband, the songs from The Sea are still easy for every woman to relate to. From those who have been heartbroken, to those who have been head-over-heels in love, there is something for every woman in this album. The first track Are You Here poignantly repeats the question, “are you here?”, as Rae tries to come to terms with the emptiness she experiences without her husband. One of life’s lessons that most women have to go through is that of a break-up, in which the worst part is not being able to accept that you have lost someone you love.

I’d Do It All Again takes listeners to the other side of the spectrum. It captures the strength of the love that Rae had for her husband and how nothing could ever make her regret having loved him. One thing that all women should be lucky enough to experience is that deep love; a love that is so engrossing that it is almost frightening. This meditative and sombre melody is about not regretting anything, no matter how painful it may have turned out. Rae encourages women not to feel ashamed about being so deeply in love when she sings “love is bigger than your prides worth”. Allowing yourself to fall in love can be “terrifying”, as Rae says, but her boldness is really something to look up to.

The album digresses with more upbeat songs such as Paris Nights/New York Mornings. Rae creates a fun shoulder-shaking, foot-tapping sensation as she sings about those fun, flirtatious rendezvous that start off a relationship. She talks about “love-filled nights” and kissing in the rain, which as all us sappy romantics know, is the heart-pounding scene in any Romance. Diving For Hearts has hauntingly beautiful melody lines that we sing along to, “should I keep on diving?”, that once again provide a question that all women dapple on when going into a relationship. Having to decide whether it is okay to let themselves get further immersed into the mysterious ‘ocean of love’.

Corinne Bailey Rae, apart from being a singer that cracks the mystery of love and loss on the head with her enchanting and melodic creations, is clearly becoming an individual to look out for in the celebrity world. With her bold and gorgeous curls flipped to the side, her clean yet striking colour-blocking style, Rae definitely has something that is going to make her an eye-catching, soul-stress of the music world.

Inez Patel