Jack is back, and this time he’s flying solo. His single, Love Interruption released January 30th 2012, was put out to promote his upcoming album, ‘Blunberbuss’- out April 23rd.
The man who was named one of the greatest guitarists of all time, who helmed The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, has finally stepped out of his comfort zone and is making a record under his own name.

Love interruption is a lot darker and more burdened than any of his previous works. While listening to Icky Thump, or Seven Nation Army one can hear a restless mind coming to play, thoughts that have been thrown together to make the senseless but intoxicating and incredible songs. You can imagine White ‘jamming’ in a garage, putting his emotion into a chord, whipping the guitar just to clear his head. Whilst his previous projects were a lot more ‘fun’, Love Interruption is a lot more sullen, graphic and violent. Unlike his previous works, it seems that a lot more thought and time went into creating this song. However, this does not necessarily mean the song is remotely close to his best works.

The song explores the acidic and astringent expectations of love, that almost makes the listener feel assaulted as he utters a vast variety of vile phrases -“stick a knife inside me, and twist it all around”, “murder my own mother”, “split my mouth wide open, and cover my ears”, Leave me dying on the ground.”- that paint images of a brutal molestation rather than a relationship, and has no resemblance to the stereotypical ideals of what love and its themes are.

Giving an opinion on this piece is…complicated. The intensity of the song is in the lyrics and repetitive chorus. Musically, however, White’s normal trademark of ‘riffing’, that crates an almost hollow or broken idea to his music, is absent. The strange combination of electric guitar, keyboard and saxophone once again underlines the abnormal rarity of the song. White’s chant “I wont let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me”, is embedded in the listeners memory as if to warn them not to let this happen to them either.

For months, White has underlined the importance of this single; everything about this release is dedicated to tell the world that this is Jack White being serious – he’s even releasing the album on vinyl – this is his return and he is bigger and better than ever. But to the ‘average’ White fan it is an uncomfortable change, the song has brilliance, but White is better suited riffing with both his lyrics and his guitar.
After an unusually long silence from White, his ‘grand return’ is rather disappointing. He isn’t back with a bang or another rambling subjugation but a song about the bitterness of love that leaves us thinking – is that it??

As said in Almost Famous, “Rock ‘n roll is a lifestyle, a way of thinking… it’s a voice that says here I am and fuck you if you cant understand me”. This is who White is. He is unapologetic, and creates what he wants when he wants. And regardless of what any critic says he will continue making music for himself and his fans, whether it’s disappointing or not. Love Interruption isn’t the White we know or maybe even love, but for this generation it is still a darn good piece of music. Give it a listen and decide for yourself…