Cape Town based band, The First Descent (formerly known under the name of BlueSkyFriday), was established in early 2008 as a Power Rock band. As with many bands, however, members and influences change over time. It is through these changes that The First Descent has been moulded into the band it is today. The band is made up of members: Evan Strauss, Adrian Fowler, Bruce McDougall and Michael Pole, all of whom share a strong bond not only as musicians, but as people too.

After collaborating for only three years, the band has already managed to compile two EPs. Their first EP was recorded in 2009 with Clive Shonfeld and Adam Bilton of DonDouglasMusic. Their most recent EP was recorded earlier this year with Alan Simmonds of Soundsurgeon Studios which consists of four tracks: “Tattooed Hearts”, “The Runaway”, “Take My Hand” and “We Will Sail Away”.

As an up-and-coming band, their EP blew me away. It came as no surprise when, after listening to the tracks myself, I learned that the track “Tattooed Hearts” has made its way into the ReverbNation Cape Town Rock Chart, featuring at number 9. With a sound similar to that of Creed and The Doors, their music evokes feelings of reminiscence as the lyrics take you on a journey which leads to the stories that many of us have shared.

“Take my Hand” tells a heart-felt story of the memories of past relationships that one cannot escape. The melodic introduction to the song gives it a perfect ballad-like feel which pairs perfectly with Strauss’s pleasing vocals. It is a wonder why this track has not yet been placed on the charts.

“Tattooed Hearts” takes a different approach as the lyrics touch on one’s dreams and how it is easy to give up on them. The lyrics “I pray that you don’t make this mistake” enforce the message that we cannot let our dreams fall away as our dreams are “what keeps us awake”. The true magic of the song comes out towards the end when everything dies down for a few seconds and all you can hear is the sweet melody of Pole on the guitar, accompanied by Fowler quietly on the drums.

“The Runaway” would most likely sit very well with those who are Creed fans as their influence is significantly heard in this song. Strauss’s vocals shine in this song as he belts out every note perfectly, especially in the last minute of the track.

The Track, “We Will Sail Away” ends off the EP with something unique as it ties in with the idea that in everyone’s life there comes a time when one needs to look inside oneself and descend to regions within, that have never been discovered before.

The First Decent has the talent to show us that there are so many things left for us to experience in our journey of life and their passion for music shines through their work. They are a promising group of musicians and I look forward to what they have in store for us in the future.