When Bob Dylan speaks, writes or sings, one cannot help but be captured by the beauty of his words, entranced by his wisdom and mesmerized by his overall message. His influence in the music industry and his work in Amnesty International will forever be recognized and admired. So who better to pay tribute to in an amnesty album than Dylan himself.  Chimes of Freedom celebrates 50 years of Amnesty International, and has brought together over 80 artists from almost every genre and era, ranging from Miley Cyrus to Rise Against, Ke$ha to Sting, and My Chemical Romance to Pete Seeger. The brilliantly produced album leaves one in awe as each track haunts the next and embeds itself into the soul of the listener reaching out to every spectrum of our diverse population.

In January 1961 Dylan began his professional career as a musician and a poet, only a few months later Pete Benenson launched the campaign that became known as Amnesty International. At the time they were completely unaware of each other, yet Dylan’s artistic work indirectly linked together with Amnesty Internationals political work. This link would eventually unite nations and change the world as it promoted human rights for the unjust persecution and imprisonment of innocent people across the globe who peacefully fought for what they believed in, aiming to accomplish a state of international peace.

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom”- this is what makes Dylan a hero. He is one to people of all different ages, what he represents will never die. The message of peace and hope are linked to him like Led Zeppelin is linked to Stairway to Heaven.

He connects. No matter what age you are there is always a Dylan song out there that will connect with you and what you’re going through, allowing you to believe in something greater than yourself, or your circumstance.

Each musician, from the diverse range of stars, brings their own unique style to the songs they sing but they all have one thing in common. They have brought just their voice, stripped down to their purest form.  Miley Cyrus’s cover of You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go brings a new maturity to her voice and unexpected but pleasant difference. Adele’s famous cover of Make you feel my love is as beautiful and pure as ever as her voice hypnotizes you while the lyrics are poured into your heart.

But, perhaps the most surprising and haunting track on the album is Ke$ha’s cover of Don’t Think twice, It’s alright. The raw emotion in the track is hauntingly beautiful, there are genuine sobs that are covered by the wallows of the cello and her harsh voice underline the tragedy of the cover, the listener associates so well with the song, leaving one feeling hopeless, raw and defeated, struggling to find just a hint of hope. There is magic in her genuine, emotional and distraught singing.

The diversity of the musicians and musical genres from rock to hip-hop, pop, folk, jazz, country, and metal is a huge asset to the Amnesty group as it brings in a whole range of supporters and emphasizes the universal appeal of the core message of human rights and the importance of Dylan’s impact on both amnesty and on culture.

Since the release of the 4 disc album on January 23, 2012 the artists that include, Natasha Bedingfield, Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance, Seal, Sting, and Pete Townshead have been touring all over America performing their songs to promote the album and the cause, once again uniting people through Dylan’s music, allowing them to believe and be a part of something that is bigger than themselves.

The album not only promotes peace but quality music. Musicians are coming together not to create a no. 1 hit but to create music because they love it, that’s what defines Dylan, and that’s what defines them. The magic in the album lies in the genuine emotion behind each song. The artists are examining themselves through their music, wearing their heart on their sleeve, showing their hand- them at their most vulnerable.

If we were to see all the tracks on the album as one soul, we would be looking at a soul that has loved and lost, a tortured soul, a hopeful soul, a soul that has seen beauty, and experienced unbearable pain. A soul that has truly lived. This is life, this is what creates and promotes peace. Peace isn’t a simple ideology; pain and loss will always exists, but calmness and awareness can ease that pain. Genuine peace can only be achieved when we can truly understand ourselves, and those around us, and stop hiding or trying to destroy loss and fear- Dylan is confronting these issues and so Dylan is confronting life. Through his music Dylan is describing life and how to achieve true peace.

It takes something very special to get over 80 artists to unite and put together an album that is solely based on music that has already been heard. Bob Dylan combined with Amnesty International is that ‘something special’. Only Bob Dylan could bring Ke$ha to sob in her song, could get My Chemical Romance to sing about peace and hope and could get 92 year old Pete Seeger to appear on the album ‘singing’ Forever Young with a child chorus. There is brilliance in his writing that finds a way to connect with anybody, his art explores and expresses the anguish and hope of the modern human condition, a universal theme that will never die.

In every generation there is a fight, a struggle for change. Whether its fighting for gay rights, gender or racial equality, a political shift or even a social revolution. Today there are those voices who are still unheard, those who fight and die for what they believe in. ‘Chimes of Freedom is dedicated to the people worldwide who are unjustly imprisoned or threatened for the peaceful expression of their beliefs’. To all those who are inspired by Dylan’s music, his message and his expression of hope, Amnesty International encourages you to take action on behalf of the people who fight and die without being heard.

photo’s taken from: -http://www.uncut.co.uk/chimes-of-freedom-the-songs-of-bob-dylan-review