Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Deluxe Edition is an album not worth the money. It is not cohesive and lacks the collection of catchy chorus needed to make a good mainstream album. Fans of the female hip-hop genre or Minaj’s vocals should buy only the tracks they want, as the rest of the CD is sure to disappoint.

‘Roman’s Revenge’ and ‘Did it on ‘Em’ are the second and third songs on the album. These two tracks are crude and are only worth listening to once for a laugh. The swearing features so heavily in the tracks that a ‘beep machine’ would leave nothing left of the song. The lines “Raah Raah like a dungeon dragon” and “I just shi**ed on ‘em” sum up the juvenile lyric content of the two songs. Society still has a long way to go before songs about defecating on people are successful.

The rest of the CD takes a different direction. The music is more cheerful, there are some dance tracks and the lyrics are about life, love and parties: the usual. Despite the celebrity feature artists and the expensive production techniques, only one song stood out as a clear chart topper. ‘Super Bass’ peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 because it is the only song on the album with a fully developed, effective and catchy chorus. Minaj’s unusual rap sound in the verses coupled with the strong chorus make this track very accessible to Top 40 listeners as well as Hip-hop fans.

The track ‘Check it Out’ featuring should have been a considerable hit with the club going listeners, as the track samples the famous vocal riff from ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’. It seems that the beloved 80’s hit was cherished by too many to make ‘Check it Out’ a club monster. Admittedly, the repetitiveness of the sample does soon turn into an unholy drone.

There are some other interesting tracks that are worth a listen, such as ‘Blazin’’ featuring Kanye West and the R’n’B ‘Moment 4 Life’ featuring Drake. ‘Blazin’’ is saved from the ‘bargain bin’ only because a legendary vocal riff from Simple Minds’ ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ was used. ‘Moment 4 Life’ is a good example of a well-produced hip-hop beat supporting some good lyrics but the track lacks a chorus, which is noticeable and disappointing. We finally see some of Minaj’s natural singing voice in the track ‘Save Me’. Despite the obvious processing on the vocals, Minaj can hold a tune.

It is almost a pity that the lyrics and music are boring. ‘Fly’ is a half-decent attempt at an uplifting song featuring Rihanna. Unfortunately, Rihanna’s chorus is neither original nor well developed. The other eleven songs on the album are similar in that they lack a good chorus and are not exciting. Despite the weaknesses of the album, it is still currently a better buy than a ticket to Minaj’s concerts where she is still struggling to reproduce a quality rendition of any of her songs.