If you haven’t already gone out and purchased Rihanna’s latest album, consider this your sign to do so. Her sixth album, Talk That Talk, was released in November of last year, and its success so far shows exactly how she’s climbing the ladder of success. This latest album has RiRi expanding her range to new musical styles beyond the pop and edgy vibes we’ve seen her do before. Obvious in the first single she released from the album, We Found Love, her typical pop style is mixed with some electro sounds giving the album a feel of house music that is making Rihanna a leader of this trend. If you’re like us, and are finding yourself getting into the new trend of house music, you’ll definitely love it.

For those of you who are hard-core fans of Rihanna’s signature classic sound, you’ll love the album’s title track, Talk That Talk, featuring Jay-Z, which is more of her typical spin on pop. We, however, absolutely love the third single from this album, You Da One. Featuring influences from her native culture, this Barbadian beauty gives the song a Caribbean feel that makes you wish summer would last forever. Perfect for one of those days spent chilling at the beach, or a casual braai with friends, you have to add this song to your summer playlist while summer is still around!

What really interests us is Birthday Cake (Official Remix). Why? Because it features the notorious, no longer out of the picture, Chris Brown. Yup. THAT Chris Brown. Backed by some real electro beats, the two certainly don’t sound like ex-lovers who have been through so much. At one point, Brown even sings, “For a long time I’ve been missing your body,” making us wonder exactly how much honesty is being put into this track. While the story behind the collaboration is definitely intriguing, the song itself is just as alluring. It samples some of Rihanna’s new electro feel with a beat that makes you want to get up and dance at the club. Birthday Cake, along with her new track Roc Me Out, will definitely both be club hits in the near future. The latter track’s beat and catchy lyrics will have you singing along in no time!

One other noteworthy track off Rihanna’s latest album is Farewell. It doesn’t have the peppy, upbeat quality that many of the other tracks on the album have. As more of a ballad, it’s the perfect song for getting over that summer fling that might not have worked out.

Although one of her shortest albums, we credit Rihanna with making it one of her greatest. With a mix of electro and house beats, the album is definitely venturing into new territory for Rihanna. She proves that she is truly the Princess of Pop and manages to combine her signature Barbados style of pop with these new elements without losing what we loved most about her music in the first place- herself.