This Cape Town born musician, singer, and songwriter is a force to be reckoned with. Ruthanne Harbour grew up playing guitar and listening to her mom play the piano is her family home.  She is currently studying at The Campus of Performing Arts in Cape Town with voice being her major. She is sure of herself and is it clear her heart is in the right place to be the next big thing on the South African music scene.

Ruthanne learnt to play the guitar on her own, playing from what she heard, a talent not many young musicians have. She recalls picking up her dad’s tennis racket at a young age and turning it on its side imitating playing a guitar thinking,’ if this were a real guitar…’ and that was the beginning of her journey.

With an acoustic style, her songs are all accompanied by the gentle strumming of her guitar and persistent rhythm in her music. She tells me of the first song she learnt to play, Wild Thing and how since then she has been teaching herself as much as she possibly could to improve and learn new things. Ruth took a gap year in 2011 to take time out for herself to work on her career as a musician and develop into the kind of musician she wants to be. She recorded her first demo album with 7 original tracks, her favourite and most prized song being ‘together in harmony’. She tells us about the recording, ‘it took 3 months days and night in a very small studio’. Ruthanne is proud of the final product but it is no surprise she hated hearing herself on the album as most artists do not hear themselves as others do. She is determined to stay true to herself and her way of making music and that is exactly what she will do. Drawing influences from Adele, her faith and people in her life, Ruthanne makes music that is easy to relate to and easy to listen to.

Just like any young artist with little experience in singing in front of people Ruthanne feels nervous about revealing her original tracks to the public. ‘It’s about people accepting your music’ and although she is confident in her music she wants people to see her music for what it is, real. She wants to inspire listeners, to uplift them and to build a personal relationship with people listening to her just through her lyrics. Her first showcase in 2011 was in front of 70 people and she organized it herself. This is simply an illustration of the drive this girl possesses and how determined she is to make it.

Ruthanne feels the South African music industry should be taken more seriously. She feels that there is so much individual talent out there and that the space for musicians in South Africa is too commercialized for them to be showcased. Completely blown away by the dynamic of South African group, The Arrows, Ruthanne feels they are the kind of South African music that should be pushed into the spotlight as much as possible.


Ruthanne is well established on twitter, facebook and Youtube. She has a Youtube account with various video recordings of original songs and covers she has sung. ‘It is about putting yourself out there’ she says. Her album is privately produced and is available on order from her at So check her out on these various platforms and give this muso a chance. She is real. She has heart. She has soul and more than anything she has an incredible talent and is here to stay.