Name: Dominique Rollino

Student number: RLLDOM003

Type: Gig review

Publication: LMG

Masqued reality


Masqued Ball has always been considered the last ‘big party’ of the season, so when the news of the venue having burnt down was announced a mere two weeks before the event hearts shattered across Cape Town as people began to question, “would there be no Masqued Ball 2012?”

For those that were at the party the answer for them was proven over and over again…nothing can keep the amazing team at Alien Safari from throwing the most beautiful party of the season. For those that attended Flying Circus 2011 you will know that the venue was a thing of unrivalled beauty, well the new venue may have become that rival.

Being a lot more comfortable arriving on a fresh Sunday morning I decided to leave my comfort zone for the first time in many moons and join the Nightwalkers of the trance scene, my reasoning was that if any party was going to be breath-taking at night in terms of décor and outfits then Masqued Ball would be it…I was not disappointed. The huge mask on stage and the effort the partygoers put into their costumes was astounding and added to the whole experience wonderfully.

For those that have never experienced arriving at a venue at the darkest hour it must be said it is one of the most disconcerting things you will ever experience. You have no sense of where the right path is and when you can’t hear even the faintest thump of a bass line you have a moment of sheer panic as you wonder how far the great trek really is…however, this venue was sneaky. Yes the walk was a fair distance and the terrain not very bare-foot friendly but it was not as far as one assumed…the reason for the muffled bass-line in the field was the copse of bare trees one walked through in order to get on to the dance floor. These trees were angels of mercy, providing much-needed shade as temperatures soared on Sunday.


I arrived in the midst of Scorbs’ live set and was immediately infected with the energy of the crowd gathered to see this international. There was some confusion as Rubix Qube took to the stage for his set and people began to realise that a live set by French dj, Concept had not and was not going to happen. It has since transpired that due to unforeseen circumstances Concept missed his flight. He did however post a sincere apology on his facebook page on Saturday evening.

For me the set of the party belongs to Terrorbyte. He flawlessly carried the energy that Rubix Qube had built up and pushed the crowd to new levels of happiness. Night trance is normally dark and fast and while he did incorporate this into his set it was so well executed that night music and day music lovers alike were able to enjoy a magical 2 hours.

Sunrise favourites, PlusMinus, showed once again how they easily transverse the border between night and day and ease the Sunday morning newcomers onto the floor. It was around this time that provisions were needed and the trek to the car commenced with happy smiles from everyone arriving or crawling to their cars for much needed power naps. Arriving back on the floor to see Shift on stage renewed my energy and when Scorb represented as Prism (a side project of his and Concepts) the smiles and bouncing bare feet were back in place. Props must go to Carl for filling in the time slot of Concepts dj set on such short notice!


Aside from the odd dubstep moments that are sneaking in to some dj sets the music was absolutely faultless with the locals once again proving they are just as good, and sometimes better then the numerous internationals that have graced the parties this season. The Alien Safari magicians have shown, why they can be considered the best in the business, pulling off a party that only had, to my knowledge, one or two serious issues. The extreme lack of toilets, 20 or so toilets is definitely not enough for the plus/minus 2000 people that attended over the two days was one such issue and the bark covered dance floor was incredibly unfriendly to the feet, I’m not saying one needs to fight Mother Nature to make a pretty dance floor but the medics were not very accessible for the bloody legs and numerous holes in feet that needed treatment.

All in all it was a perfect, beautiful end to the big parties of the season and it has shown once again that the Cape Tow