Its been 40 years since THE EAGLES first aired, and since then they have sold 120 million albums worldwide, earned 5 #1 U.S Singles and 6 Grammy awards, but in those 40 years they had never toured to South Africa. Until now…

Its Easter weekend and the highlight of my weekend is not that Jesus resurrected and gave us all hope for eternal salvation, no my highlight is going to be the 7th of April- when the Eagles perform at Sun City. This is my salvation, my sanctuary.

As the lights dim 4 men stand in front of us, in one single line and start singing. No guitars, just their voices… and then it all begins- the audience is transported back to a time when rock ‘n roll was a lifestyle, a religion, not just a music genre or another song to be played on the radio.

Their set is flawless,The Eagles aren’t risk takers. Their perfection is rehearsed and each song is performed effortlessly. Their unity as a band is emphasized ironically when each band member performs a solo hit, each very different but all beautifully familiar. Walsh’s mad solo numbers are balanced with Henley’s more relaxed lyrical numbers. Although they are all so different in solo acts and personality their musicianship unites them as a band and blends their musical differences into one fantastic sound.

The gig is another concert for them, but for the fans its an experience of a life time, and They make sure its one for the books. While Frey and Shmit learnt some colloquial language and fool around trying to speak Zulu and Afrikaans to us in-between songs, Walsh reminds us that age is simply a number and a mindset, and in his mind he is barely over 18- a starry-eyed boy jumping and head-banging on stage and of course his most impressive act- playing one of the 30 guitars brought over through a blow-pipe.

A concert will banish the rest of the world and its tragedies while the music heals the soul- at least this is what THE EAGLES are capable of. The outside world was forgotten as Henley, Walsh, Shcmit and Frey captivate the wide range of listeners in the arena. Most of the show was spent sitting down, and had a very intimate setting but still the bands stellar musicianship is almost unbelievable. After 40 years of quality music the band still rocks the stage and leaves the audience overwhelmed in their emotion.

Playing 2 hours of non-stop solo and group hits such as Hotel California, Take it Easy, Heartache Tonight, Boys of Summer, Life in the fast Lane, and Dirty Laundry, the audience was not left unsatisfied- even though they could have played for at least an hour longer. Don Henley was almost forced to dance around stage as he moved swiftly from drummer to guitarist to singer but that just made the show even more impressive.

There are some guitar solos that speak better than words do, and this is what Joe Walsh accomplishes in so many on their songs particularly in Hotel California. Listening to that I could not help but be overwhelmed by the experience, I mean you’re listening to one of the greatest songs ever written, and in front of you are the 4 men that created it.

As their final act the band chooses Desperado, and there was barely a dry eye in sight. Henley closed the show with the perfect song. The concert was great, so great, the drunkard that almost caused a fight in the middle of Take it Easy  could not ruin the atmosphere.

Few bands sound better live than they do on record, but this is one band that does. Guitar solos are more haunting, vocals are more inviting and the band in general is greater than one could ever imagine. There’s not much to be said about this band that hasn’t already been said, but as always the band left the audience mesmerised, and I’m almost 90 % sure almost every audience member put on an Eagles tune when they got home just to hold on to the unbelievable experience they just encountered for a few more minutes.

Erryn Gracey