There are certain things only a die-hard fan would do: Drive to a place you have never heard of and park your car there, then proceed to board a bus that is taking you to God-knows-where. A deserted, creepy warehouse turns out to be the final destination (excuse the pun) and the excited fans enter at their own risk without hesitation.

Yes, this is exactly how the evening of the 3rd of March 2012 played out. The band was Two Door Cinema Club, the three-man band originally from Ireland and Indie to the core. The fans were me and about 1500 other very eager people. 3 March 2012 was definitely a night to remember.

It was clear to me as soon as I arrived that everyone was buzzing with anticipation. Free DOUBLE tickets to a concert of a huge international band that has performed at the likes of Coachella and has been nominated for awards such as the NME awards? It was unheard of, too good to be true. Before we could find out if we were being taken for a ride, Ashtray Electric opened with a great set and The Plastics (who I admit, aren’t my favourite) with a pleasant one.

Two Door Cinema Club were said to be playing after The Plastics and the wait was, to put it mildly, unbearable. But finally, there they were. The first thing I saw was the shock of red hair that belongs to the frontman, Alex Timble. Our favourite three Irishmen were only a few metres away from us. This was really happening.

There are a number of bands that sound amazing on their record but terrible live. Two Door Cinema Club is not one of these bands. Their vocals were clear, their instruments finely tuned, the two aspects were synced perfectly together.

The classic Two Door Cinema Club songs such as “Undercover Martyn”, “What You Know” and “Something Good Can Work” were part of their set and during the performances of these songs, the band got a huge amount of vocal help from the crowd.

They played a handful of new songs from their new album, and although the crowd was not singing along due to the fact we had never heard them, the crunching of gravel under jumping feet could still be loudly heard. These new songs were definitely not a disappointment; they were of the same style of the band’s older songs, just more improved… as if we thought they could get better than they are already.

It wasn’t only the performance of the music that made me fall in love with Two Door Cinema Club. It was also their flattering comments such as, “Cape Town is the greatest place ever, we hope to come back soon,” in those accents that are enough to make you melt. It was the fact that they put their all into the concert and it didn’t seem like it was ‘just another concert’ for them.

Who would have thought that being stranded in a deserted, super eerie warehouse would be one of the best nights of my life? All thanks to that quirky, cool trio, Two Door Cinema Club, it was. We can’t say we weren’t warned beforehand; their lyrics from their song “Undercover Martyn” told us exactly what to expect from them: “To the basement people, to the basement. Many surprises await you.” And surprised, or better yet, amazed, we were.